Shout outs are emailed directly to the recipient(s) and are also posted on the MMSD Facebook page and school Facebook page. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

Big shout out to Martín, Carita, Alonso, Connor, and Pamela, of the 8th grade DLI at Cherokee. They used their excellent map reading skills to guide us through the corn maze and got us the 10 punches.
 Shout out to Kennedy Elementary's amazing Nursing Assistant, Mary Hustedt, for her caring and compassion all year long.  A special "holla!" for her diligence in communicating with families around missing immunizations and helping all of our scholars remain compliant and in school!
Shout out to Rachel Pelletier at Franklin for working hard to create a safe and inclusive classroom for all of her kindergartners!  Way to go, Rachel!!
A great big shout out to Jessie for helping us with our 4K Outreach -  we couldn't do it without you!!
Barbie- Thanks for all of you do in your role as Early Learning Coordinator. You are responsive to all my questions and issues and bring a smile to work everyday. And thank you for all your acts of kindness - working with you is rewarding!
A shout out to Tina Hanson, a Stephens special education teacher. She can often be found rushing around the building to support her students and all students. She has joined the PBS team and helped organize some new positive events for staff too! We are so lucky to have her!
A shout out for Ahren Brown, Stephens 2nd year Americorps Volunteer for his flexibility, his willingness to help out and his dedication to Stephens students!
Shout out to Lori Lopez for organizing our annual community peace walk!
This is a big shout out to Donna Braun, NA at Shorewood Hills Elementary School. You have created a great system to support with immunization information. Families,staff, and principal appreciate your thoughtfulness and intentionality in this process.
Shout out to Mai Saevang, Lindsey Olsen and Robin Bradford at Leopold. Your positivity, patience, perseverance and commitment to teamwork is inspiring and such a gift to our school community. So glad to have you on Team Leopold!