School Improvement Plans

Since before the start of the school year, each and every MMSD school has been working hard to create a School Improvement Plan (SIP) that defines the actions the school will take to raise student achievement for all of its students. The MMSD invites parents/guardians and community members to take a look at the plans. We look forward to achieving the goal of making every school a thriving school, and every student, upon graduation from high school, ready for college, career and community.

Please note that the Full SIPs have several tabs at the bottom which can be used to access additional information about each school's plan.

This year, six schools -- Badger Rock, Black Hawk, Elvehjem, Franklin, Lapham and Sherman -- piloted a new version of the School Improvement Plan, dubbed the SIP 2.0. On this page is the narrative section of that new SIP, outlining some information about the school. To get additional information about the SIP 2.0, please contact the school.

 Elementary Schools