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Madison Metropolitan School District

Evaluation Timelines

3 Yr Reevaluation Due Date

The 3 year reevaluation due date is 3 years from the eligibility determination date.  This is the date by which eligibility must be determined to be considered on time.  This date can not be extended.

-15 Day Timeline - (business days)

The LEA has 15 business days from the date of receipt of referral to the date the Notice of Need or No Need for Additional Assessment is sent to the parent.  This timeline specifies business days * “Business day” means Monday through Friday except for Federal and State holidays,  meaning that the days during MMSD's breaks count as part of that timeline unless they are a Federal or State holiday (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Day, New Year's Eve and Day).  

-60 Day Timeline - (calendar days)

60 calendar days from Date of No Need for Additional Assessment to Eligibility Determination date  OR

60 calendar days from Date Consent received for Additional Assessment to Eligibility Determination date

see information below about 60 day timeline extensions.

-30 Day Timeline - (calendar days)

A new IEP must be written and placement offered following an evaluation.  The LEA has 30 calendar days from Eligibility Determination Date to Placement Determination Date for the new IEP. 

Evaluation Extensions (to the 60 day timeline only)

The 60 day timeline can be extended under only 3 circumstances: see DPI Indicator 11: Timely Evaluations

1) Transfer Students - Student moves during an evaluation, new district may use the form M-2.Notice of Agreements to Extend Evaluation for a Transfer Student
2) Initial SLD Evaluation (see SLD Guidelines) - Use the form M-3 Agreement to Extend the Time Limit to Complete the Evaluation of a Child Suspected of a SLD.  The timeline can be extended multiple times using this same form.
3) Child unavailable for testing - Parent repeatedly fails or refuses to make student available for evaluation. This is determined on a case by case basis.  Additional guidance and documentation procedures for staff only. 

*note: the 3 year evaluation due date cannot be extended in any circumstance. If another disability area is being considered during an SLD evaluation and the team agrees to extend the deadline for the SLD evaluation, the extension also applies to the evaluation for the additional areas (SLD Guidelines p.10).  However, this does not apply if the other disability area is due for a 3 year reevaluation.