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Madison Metropolitan School District

Homeschool Students Requiring Special Education

Students who are homeschooled may receive initial and reevaluations through MMSD.  

If the parent would like to request an initial evaluation, the district will provide that evaluation.  The student must first be enrolled at the homeschool where the child would attend if s/he attended a public school. This enrollment must state that the student is homeschooled and enrolled for evaluation purposes only.  Once the enrollment is created, the school staff would proceed with the standard evaluation process.  If a student is found to be a child with a disability, the district must offer placement in the public school if the student will be attending the school.  If the parent indicates that they do not intend to enroll the student, you do not need to develop an IEP unless the parent specifically requests the IEP.  For more information, see the OSEP Letter  that specifically addresses this situation. Also see DPI - Homeschool - FAQ 2018 - Special Education 

Once a student is identified as qualifying for special education services, MMSD will offer a three year reevaluation to students who are homeschooled.  If the parent does not want that evaluation, then MMSD will document that and the parent may contact the district at a future time to request the reevaluation if desired.  If the parent does want an evaluation, the student will be enrolled temporarily for evaluation purposes only. 

Students who transfer into MMSD from another district, already having been identified as requiring special education, would go through the same transfer process as students from outside MMSD.  Once MMSD receives the evaluation and IEP documents from the previous district, a reevaluation would be offered based upon those dates.