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IEP Placement

Placement Dates

DPI IEP/Placement Timelines

1) IEP Developed on = Meeting Date
2) Placement Determination Date (must match a meeting date.... typically the  last meeting date)
3) Parent Provided Notice of Placement (date parent receives finalized copy of IEP ....typically ~5days after meeting date)
4) Implementation/Projected Start Date  (at least one day past Parent receipt of IEP – also the Implementation date on I-9.IEP Summary) see ex.

Revising Placement

Revising Placement With a Meeting

When changes are made to an IEP in a meeting, a new placement must be offered.
if  placement changes to a more or less restrictive environment, a meeting must be held ~ this includes graduation, which is an ending of placement.
If the student is being administratively placed, a meeting must be held.

To update placement:

Start Event - Review/Revise to update Placement, Goals & Assessment accommodations

  • Create Invitation I-1 & I-3 OR 1-10AB if no changes to level of restrictive environment

  • Update Placement - WI only needs consent for initial placement one time. If signed initial placement exists, use the P-2.

    • P-2 Determination & Notice of Placement/P-1 Consent for Initial Placement

    • The placement dates are as follows:

      • Placement Determination = day we adopt IEP in MMSD and offer placement

      • Parent Notified of Placement = day they receive the new placement form

      • Date IEP developed = date IEP written in previous school

      • Implementation date = day after parent notified of placement date

Revising Placement Without a Meeting

(applies to transfer students & students changing schools for reasons unrelated to disability)

Placement can be revised to reflect the new placement without a meeting IF:
a) the new location is the location  s/he would attend if not disabled; AND
b) the student's IEP can be implemented as written in the new location. 

The LEA must notify the parents of its decision to implement the current IEP in the new school building by providing the parent a copy of the IEP and the new notice of placement.

The LEA may meet this obligation when a student changes schools by providing the parent a copy of the student’s IEP and a notice of placement that meets the requirements of Wis. Stat. § 115.792(2).

Ending Placement   

Placement in special education ends in one of the following ways: 

  • Student no longer qualifies and returns to general education
  • Graduation
  • Ending of Services Due to Age
  • Parent Revocation of Consent

Staff - click here for more information on ending placement

IEP Placement is documentation of placement in special education and the notice of the school or physical location of the facility where a student will be receiving the services outlined in the IEP.  This location must be clear as to where the student is physically being educated. Parents or guardians must give signed consent to a student's initial placement in special education, and can revoke that consent at any time.  A child's placement must be determined at least annually and parents must receive notice of placement (including a copy of their child's IEP) at a reasonable time prior to implementing the IEP.  Annual placement in special education must be determined at a meeting, which occurs no more than 12 months later than the previous placement determination.

To revoke consent for placement in special education
parents must request in writing the intent to revoke special education services.  Upon receipt of the written revocation, the school district must promptly provide prior written notice of when special education and related services will end within a reasonable time before stopping special education and related services.