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Madison Metropolitan School District

Special Factors

Special Factors must be considered when developing the individualized education program. Consider the special factors when identifying the effects of disability, summarizing disability related needs, developing goals, and determining services in the Program Summary. For example, if a student’s behavior impedes learning, the positive behavioral interventions, strategies, and supports could include specially designed instruction, related services, supplementary aids and services and/or program modifications and supports for staff. The behavioral needs of the student may be determined through a functional behavioral assessment (FBA). 

Factors to Consider

  1. Behavior - does behavior impede learning?
  2. Language - is the student an English Language Learner?
  3. Vision - is the child blind or visually impaired?
  4. Communication - does the student have communication needs that impede learning?
  5. Assistive Technology - does the student need assistive tech to help with their learning?