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Madison Metropolitan School District

IEP Team

An IEP Team consists of:

  1. Parents/Guardians  - Special Education Rights for Parents and Children
  2. Student (if appropriate)
  3. Other individuals requested by parent
  4. *Local Education Agency Representative (LEA)
  5. *Special Education Teacher (or Speech/Language clinician if child is S/L only)
  6. *Regular Education Teacher
  7. Other staff requested by district, including:

*Legally required participants of the IEP team .  All required members of the team must be included on the invitation to the meeting.  They must then be listed on either the Participant Attendance Agreement, or the Cover Sheet, as appropriate.  As long as all required roles are invited, the person fulfilling the role can change, as long as someone is present to represent each role at the meeting.  The person who actually attends should be listed on the cover sheet. 

Open Enrollment

For students who are open enrolled, the IEP team membership includes staff from the resident school district and must be invited to all IEP team meetings.  The name of the staff person from the resident school district must be included on the invitation under "The following people have been invited by either the parent or school district personnel to attend the meeting:". The resident school district can be found in the IEP system under Student Demographics.

Click here for contact information to each resident district. If you have further questions, please contact Mary Mitchell at

Any Wisconsin resident in 4K to grade 12 may apply to attend a nonresident school district under the open enrollment program. See DPI -Public School Open Enrollment.