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Madison Metropolitan School District

Medicaid Billing for School Based Services

Consent to Bill WI Medicaid

Parental consent to bill WI Medicaid provides millions in additional revenue to school districts by billing Wisconsin Medicaid for medically necessary services provided in school for eligible children.

The purpose of Medicaid is to provide reimbursement for and assure the availability of appropriate medical care to persons who meet the criteria for Medicaid. MMSD is requesting Medicaid consent for all students who receive special education services because we have no information to make a judgment on which families do or do not qualify.  We request the signature, so that we know we have addressed this with all families and can obtain consent from as many as possible, regardless of their Medicaid qualifying status. See this brochure about parent's frequently asked questions for more information.

Federal guidelines have broadened services that may be claimed to include: Speech, language, audiology and hearing, occupational and physical therapy, nursing and delegated nursing duties, psychological counseling and social work, developmental testing and assessments when they result in an Individual Education Program (IEP), and special transportation.

Your consent to bill WI Medicaid will not result in denial or limitation of community-based services provided outside the school. 
The Consent to Bill WI Medicaid form can be found in the electronic IEP System Oasys or online .  Hmong and Spanish forms are also available.

For more information contact:

Kari Stampfli
Interim Director of Health Services
(608) 663-8427