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Madison Metropolitan School District


School districts are required to evaluate students with disabilities once every three years unless the district and parent/legal guardian agree that a reevaluation is not necessary. During a reevaluation, district staff are required to review the student’s existing assessments and educational records.

If the parent/legal guardian and the district agree that a reevaluation is not necessary, that decision must be based on the following:

  • evidence documenting that the student continues to meet the eligibility criteria for his/her impairment(s),
  • evidence documenting the continued need for special education, 
  • evidence documenting the student has made progress toward goals
  • an evaluation has occurred within the last 3 years

To make the decision to conduct a reevaluation or not, the IEP team may review a variety of data sources. These sources of information may include test results from formal/informal assessments, work samples, written observations, student performance and progress reports.

If either the parent/legal guardian or the district believes a reevaluation is needed, the reevaluation must be completed.

All steps in the reevaluation process are the same as the steps in the initial evaluation process with one exception. A parent’s signature is not required for continued placement of your child in special education.

The initial evaluation process is described here.