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Madison Metropolitan School District

Preschool Community Childcare

Every child’s special education services and educational placement is determined on an individual basis.  In order to assist IEP teams in determining those placements, the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) has created the following guidelines to determine which Community Child Care Centers may be appropriate for IEP (special education) placements;

  1. The Community Child Care Center (Early Care and Education Center) must be accredited by the City of Madison or provides evidence that their application for accreditation has been accepted by the City of Madison and the Center receives accreditation within one calendar year: or the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC),  and
  2. The Early Care and Education Center must be geographically located within the MMSD boundaries or within 1/4 of a mile; 
  3. The Early Care and Education Center must be willing to enter into a MMSD Early Childhood Placement Agreement.

Centers must meet all 3 prongs in order to be considered potential MMSD IEP placement locations. 

 Remember that this authorized list is not inclusive of all the numerous placement options available.  Non MMSD community sites and numerous MMSD options (i.e. School sites, Play and Learn sites) as well as parents’ homes remain possible appropriate placement options.

**Note:  Because a center's accreditation may expire or be withdrawn, prior to placing a student in a Center, LEA Representatives are encouraged to review the list of accredited centers at the websites listed under number 1 above.