Join Sequoya Library for a 10-week workshop based around the book 'Witnessing Whiteness: The Need to Talk About Race and How to Do It' by Shelly Tochluk, facilitated by Gera Raymond and Ruth Meyer.

During October 28th-30th, Sara Kinsella from Achieve 3000 will provide a half-day of training and data review to leadership teams in their buildings.

In Wisconsin, the Wisconsin DNR helps celebrate Arbor Day with an environmental education program designed to teach students the importance of trees within our environment.

The New Harvest Foundation provides grants up to $10K that focus on social service, social change, public education, health care, arts and culture, and development of LGBT communities in South Central Wisconsin.

The Community of Practice will gather interested individuals around the following problem of practice from Nov. 2019-June 2020: What does it mean to be a lever of change as a Cooperating Teacher to facilitate positive field experiences for pre-service teachers of color?

The Madison-area Early Childhood Homelessness Work group (ECHW) is pleased to invite early childhood professionals, 4K & 5K teachers, housing/shelter case managers working with families, family childcare providers, EC behavioral management teams and administrative staff to this FREE training presented by Dr. Travis Wright. 

Learn more about the training sessions that are required by Human Resources and how to access them.

Between October 14 and November 1, any MMSD staff member can choose to donate any amount to more than 300 local, state, national and international organizations. The organizations are represented by seven umbrella agencies.

We have a significant need for Special Education Assistant applicants. We find the most success in our hires through referrals and word of mouth - please share this opportunity with your friends/family/network!

We are looking for input to help inform our selection for new K-5 reading materials. You're invited to our first family group session on Thursday, October 17th at Meadowridge Library from 6:00-7:30 pm.

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