Monday, February 27, 2017 - 5:30pm

At Midvale Elementary School, we tried something new this year... giving students an extra 30 minutes of REACH. Instead of all grades receiving extra screen time, we tried out teaching a self-regulation class to Kindergarteners called "J.E.D.I. Minds." J.E.D.I. Minds stands for Just, Empathetic, Dutiful and Independent Minds. Midvale Kinders have learned over 15 different breathing skills to calm themselves, have worked on focus and coordination through the practice of balance poses, are beginning to understand why they often feel controlled by their emotions, and how to make others around them more successful.

Many schools have teachers interested and practicing mindfulness on their own and we are beginning to see a shift in how we teach. I attended Breathe for Change's 2016 summer training and now lead this curriculum along with others like it in REACH and Physical Education. I use the themes of Star Wars to make it extra exciting!


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