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Madison Metropolitan School District

Title IV

Title IV-A Services for Private and Parochial Staff

Title IV-A funds may be used to provide supplemental services or supports in the private/parochial setting that address one or more the of the following priorities: Well-Rounded Educational Opportunities, Safe and Healthy Students, and Effective Use of Technology. 

Title IV Allocations

All allocations are now located on the Allocations and Balances for MMSD Private Schools Page

Requesting Professional Development 

  1. A Private and Parochial Professional Development Request Form should be completed at least two weeks prior to the event. Requests will be approved pending their alignment with the school's approved Needs Assessment and the award amount available for the current grant year (July 1 - June 30.)   All requests must be received by April 1st.  
  2. Upon approval of the Private and Parochial Professional Development Request Form, MMSD will email the staff / administrator additional information and forms required to receive a Title II reimbursement.  These forms will be due back to MMSD within 10 days of activity completion.  Please review the Professional Development Reimbursement Checklist which outlines all of the requirements to assure that you receive the maximum allowable reimbursement. Items not completed according to these instructions may delay and/or reduce the amount of your final reimbursement. 
  3. All reimbursement information is due back to MMSD by June 30th (end of the current grant year.) 

Requesting a PD Consultant

The Private and Parochial School completes the Service Agreement Request form and forwards it to Stephanie Dankert, allowing two months for processing.  Service Agreement contracts are between MMSD, the Consultant and the Private Parochial School. MMSD drafts the consultant agreement and works directly with consultant for approval.  Therefore, the consultant will invoice MMSD within 7-10 days after work has been completed - and not the Private and Parochial School. All invoices must be received by June 30. Service agreements indicate that if there is not enough Title II allocation remaining at the time of invoicing, Private and Parochial school will be responsible for the balance. 

Requesting Purchases

In order to request a Title IV funded purchase, the school administrator completes the Grant Purchase Request Form. Paula will do all Title IV purchasing.  Since all purchased items remain the property of MMSD, private schools requesting Title IV purchases will now be required to review an inventory log on an annual basis. 

Beginning February 15, requests must be made using the Google Forms.