Monday, December 7, 2015 - 8:00am

Students in 4K had a Friendship Feast to celebrate their friends and what they have learned in the 2nd Step Kindness curriculum. They learned about being thankful, grateful, and giving thanks. In connection with their lesson on the community, students planned the menu for their feast and decided on the amount of food they needed. They learned to order food online from a local grocery store. Using the skills they learned in math, students collected money to pay for the food, they followed a recipe to make pumpkin pies and baked them, and they peeled, cooked, and mashed eighty potatoes!

Throughout their learning, students read friendship books such as Feast For 10, Gracias Thanks, and Turkey for Thanksgiving. During the feast, they shared their "Friendship Wish" poem using sign language. Parents were invited to come in and serve food to the students. What a wonderful way to learn about friendship and kindness and practice what they've learned.


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