Monday, May 23, 2016 - 2:45pm

Stephens Elementary celebrated the arts on May 17 with visual art, musical art, spoken word, dance, and digital art. Our theme was "Celebrate the World," and we did just that. With collaboration from all the specials teachers, we turned the hallways of our school into a gallery where student art work was hung for display. Every single student had a least one piece of art work on display! Works of art ranged from garden paintings, to Aboriginal Dot paintings, to Indian Mandalas, and much more. Students also made bird maracas which were used in their musical performance at our school assembly.

During the school day assembly, students got to see the fourth graders perform a folk dance, students shared poetry, the chorus sang songs from different parts of the world, the Madison Ballet showed off different ballet forms, the Memorial High School Hmong Dancers danced to Hmong music, and the Handphibians drummed music from Brazil. We also had an artist in residence, Miss Tess Parks. She worked on a landscape painting of our playground. It was so neat to see her progress throughout the day. We concluded the day with an evening program that celebrated all students' art work and performances.

We value the arts here at Stephens. With art as part of our school culture, our hope is that our students are well rounded lifelong learners of different forms of art. ​

Submitted by  Nou Vang-Vue, Assistant Principal, Glenn Stephens Elementary School,


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