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Madison Metropolitan School District

Student Services


The mission of our department is to work collaboratively with students, families, parents, staff and community resources to provide supports to increase student access to instruction and reduce barriers which prevent students from experiencing success in school. Student Services provide resources and supports in the schools in the areas of attendance, behavior, physical health, mental health, guidance, psychology, restorative practices, social work, special education and section 504. Schools in our district have nurses, psychologists, social workers, special education staff, and counselors (grades 6-12 only) available to provide services that are designed to enhance student success. By promoting wellness for the whole child, this department contributes to the district vision of preparing all children to be college, career and community ready upon graduation.

Vision, Mission & Beliefs

If you have questions related to the services provided by the Department of Student Services, please call us at (608) 663-8429.