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Madison Metropolitan School District

MMSD's Intensive Intervention Programs

The Madison Metropolitan School District is committed to providing an excellent educational experience for all students within the most inclusive environment. In very limited circumstances, a smaller, specially designed environment with supportive wrap-around care is necessary to provide the conditions where students can thrive and develop as learners. MMSD’s Intensive Intervention Programs offers a continuum of small group or individualized programming. It is designed to meet the highly personalized learning needs for special education students K-12. Intensive Intervention Programming is intended to provide intensive, time-limited services and support with the ever-present goal of students returning to their home schools in a timely manner as they demonstrate progress and readiness.


All staff, students, parents/guardians within Intensive Intervention Programs are committed to helping each student acquire the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral skills necessary to successfully participate in their community and home school setting through equitable and inclusive instruction.


By identifying student skill strengths, interests, and areas for growth, Intensive Intervention Programs will empower students to develop emotional, behavioral, social, and academic self-regulation skills through specific direct instruction and culturally responsive and trauma informed practices. Collaboration happens with students, families, school personnel, community agencies, and other important people in a student’s life.

Beliefs and Values

We believe:

  • All students have the right to acquire academic, social, emotional, and behavioral skills for emotional management, relationship building, and decision-making.
  • Identifying and building on each student’s strengths will result in students developing the confidence and skills to grow as an unique individual and learner to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.
  • Our programs support students in developing and implementing self-advocacy skills, autonomy to create goals for themselves, and participate in self-discovery to build a strengthened identity across various environments.
  • Collaboration among all significant individuals in a student’s life is essential to each student’s success.
  • The environment we create provides fun, safe, supportive, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed programs.

Intensive Intervention Programing

Special education programs designed to explicitly teach social and emotional learning skills. Programs offer a wide array of specialized skill instruction in academic, social, coping, conflict resolution, self-advocacy while practicing frustration tolerance and anger management by using appropriate replacement behaviors and other strategies to increase the degree of control students have over their daily life decisions necessary for success in school and community. The goal is to build competency in these areas and facilitate the return of the student to their home school when the student has demonstrated readiness. The Individualized Education Plan team will meet regularly to access progress and determine any changes in placement.

Contact Us

Andrew Tonies
Assistant Director of Special Education & Section 504
Intensive Intervention Programming & Services
Office: 608-204-5525