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Madison Metropolitan School District

Cross Systems

Cross Systems work began in 2015 to streamline and enhance collaboration between MMSD schools, Dane County Department of Human Services, and community agencies in order to positively impact the service delivery experience for youth (and their families) who are involved in multiple systems. Systems within Madison can include youth justice, education, county, and community programs.

Cross System's Team Membership Includes MMSD and representation from the Following:

Briarpatch Youth Services, Dane County Juvenile Court, Dane County Child Protection Services, Journey Mental Health, Youth Justice Services, Joining Forces for Families, Wisconsin Department of Corrections Juvenile Services

Below are resources for Dane County and community agencies to streamline collaboration:

MMSD Cross System POC Contact Info Document

  • List of all Cross Systems points of contact for individual middle and high schools within MMSD

MMSD Point of Contact Role Descriptions

  • MMSD Cross Systems Point of Contact as a first connection to county/agencies

  • Documents releases of information to ensure confidentiality and appropriate information sharing 

  • Has a comprehensive understanding of what services are being provided to students at school and in the community 

  • Leads Safety/Support Planning for students that is collaborative, restorative, welcoming, and equitable. 

County/Agency Point of Contact Information 

  • Agreement and steps to complete when a county or community agency representative is working with an MMSD student to be proactive and avoid communication breakdowns. 

Dane County GRIT Program

  • Collaboration between MMSD and Dane County to provide youth workers in each attendance area to support diversion from the criminal justice system.

  • The role of the GRIT Worker is to provide guidance, individual and group based intervention, and referral to community resources and support to students identified by school and/or community. 

  • The DCGRIT partnership strives to decrease the existing disproportionate rates of students of color in the Dane County Youth Justice system and aims to work with MMSD school staff to promote practices and engage in interventions that are equitable, antiracist, and authentic.

Youth and Families

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Connect with the MMSD Coordinator:

Gina Aguglia

Gina Aguglia, LCSW
Coordinator of Cross Systems and Critical Response
Email, call or text!

Cross Systems

  • Youth involved in the justice system
  • Youth involved in the child protection system
  • GRIT program
  • Metro Schools support


  • Child Protection Unit
  • Mandated Reporting (maltreatment and threat)
  • Transition planning
  • Mental health early intervention/diversion

Critical Response

  • School-Based Critical Response Team Support
  • School support in crisis
  • Liaison to MPD Mental Health Unit
  • VRA+ Threat Assessment Professional Learning