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Madison Metropolitan School District

Wisconsin COVID Connect System Pre-Registration Instructions

  1. Go to registration website:

  2. Select: “Take the Screening Questionnaire”

  3. Enter code from the image and Select “Next”

  4. Answer the questions for the short questionnaire.

    Screenshot 3
  5. Complete and select “Next”

    screenshot 4
  6. Answer questions and select “Next”

    screenshot 5
  7. Provide demographic information for the individual being tested. Parent/Guardian will fill this out for minors.

    screenshot 6
  8. When a Birthdate for a minor is entered, the user will be prompted to consent. Check boxes to verify the consent was read and authorized.

    Screenshot 7
  9. User will be redirected to select a test center. For k-12 testing, select “I’m being tested at a non-public site”

    screenshot 8
  10. Registration Complete!

    thank you message
  11. A QR code will be emailed to the provided email address for each person preregistered. Present your QR code upon arrival to the testing event.


    QR Code Example