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Madison Metropolitan School District

Progressive Discipline

The Behavior Education Plan is intended to help turn mistakes into authentic learning experiences and to pair appropriate consequences with additional support. The Progressive Discipline model provides staff and administrators with guidance in making decisions about how to respond to student behavior in an equitable way while implementing the foundational practices.

Implementation Guidance

In addition to the resources on Foundational Practices linked on the main Behavior Education Plan page, the staff-only Progressive Discipline page provides a range of resources for schools relevant to the implementation of the Behavior Education Plan as a whole, development of school-wide behavior support systems, and implementation of the progressive approach to discipline.

Alternatives to Suspension

While fidelity to the progressive discipline approach is critical, schools are also encouraged to explore alternative ways to solve problems and address behavior challenges without further decreasing students’ time outside the learning environment. Beginning with the 2019-20 school year, middle and high schools must develop an Alternatives to Suspension plan detailing the process and approach used in response to specific behaviors to offer students the opportunity to replace suspension. Alternatives to Suspension are important for behaviors that commonly progress from Level 2 (In-School Suspension) to Level 3 (Out of School Suspension).

For additional information see the Behavior Education Plan.

Three Acts of Physical Aggression

Under the Behavior Education Plan, “When a student engages in 3 acts of excessive physical aggression, the student may be suspended pursuant to the behavior response levels in the Behavior Education Plan and may be placed in an alternative setting for 45 or 90 days not to exceed one semester.” (High School & Middle School Behavior Education Plan). When students engage in any acts of physical aggression, student, family, and school staff will work collaboratively to address the behavior and create a plan to prevent future incidents.

Expulsion from School

Expulsion is a long term removal from school and school-related activities. For special education students, Fair and Appropriate Education will be provided for the duration of the expulsion. The Coordinator of Progressive Discipline will provide legal representation for the Madison Metropolitan School District in expulsion hearings. Students recommended for expulsion are provided with information about local options for obtaining free legal representation for an expulsion hearing.

Coordinator of Progressive Discipline
Phone: (608) 663-1908
Fax: (608) 204-0349

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