In MMSD, we value student voice and have been proud of the young people, both locally and nationally, who have been raising their voices recently about gun control and their right to be safe at school. I am writing to inform you about events planned for March 14th, a day when many students across the country, including in Madison, are planning to voice their concerns collectively and demand action.
First, many students across the country are planning to recognize the 17 victims from Parkland by walking out of school for 17 minutes at 10 a.m. Our school principals are working with student leaders in support of their plans. Whether they organize an opportunity for students to voluntarily walk outside of the school building for those 17 minutes or participate in an event inside the school, please know these events will stay on school grounds and will be supervised by staff.
We’re also aware that some students, from Madison and around the state, plan to walk to the Capitol during the afternoon of March 14. While we always encourage students to stay in school, we know that some of our students may choose to participate in this event as well. Because this event is outside of school, students will not be supervised by school staff and we ask that you talk with your child about participating safely. We will follow our normal attendance policies, meaning that parents can excuse their child if they choose to.
For students who choose not to participate in either event, there will be normal, supervised school days as well.
If there are specific events you need to be aware of at your child’s school, your principal will follow up with more details. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and thank you for your partnership.