Friday, February 26, 2016 - 12:00pm

We began the meeting with “What’s happening in the Field” where we discuss the successes and challenges occurring in the district to date.

From the field there were many pluses around discussions, trainings and events that focus on race and equity throughout the district. The Ed Camp days for G1 schools were well liked, the sharing of ideas and actual interaction with new ideas to use in the classroom made the teachers feel their day was well spent.  There was a feeling that the Personalized Pathways program moving forward is long overdue. Delta’s continue around MTSS and the Behavior Education Plan as well as comprehending the DLI/DBE changes, more support, consistency in messaging and implementation is needed. Teacher workload with paperwork (SLO,PPO, Grading, Parent Teacher Conferencing, and other initiatives) is overwhelming at this time of the year especially. Better alignment needed to this and the PD days is needed.

Budget feedback was supportive of the Priority Actions in general as long as the sustainability and accountability were truly measured and maintained. Some further clarification of them was desired and concern that they were heavily focused on secondary. Technology costs were a concern but in the same sense the reality that technology can support all the Priority Actions in a positive way was realized.  Focus on needing staff to understand these Actions better to best implement them was a concern across all of the Priorities.

The Teacher Advisory group had an understanding of the 55 FTE’s as a necessity for reductions and the explanation was well done around this. The +1/+2 for former SAGE schools seems reasonable. The concern around this are the impacts to students and how unequitable it is in a building with DLI programming, as well as the pain in the loss of teachers and its impact on our community. Relief and gratitude was shared that the compensation study was valued and that staff benefits continue to be a priority in maintaining as is.


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