Monday, May 23, 2016 - 2:15pm

The Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Group convened for the last time this year on May 18.  The group discussed what went well this year, where there were challenges and what topics should be included for the group next year.  General themes are listed below: 

What went well – Like the focused topics and agendas, gave us a group to talk to, our voices were heard and the Superintendent really listened.   Feedback was clearly utilized and valued.  Networking amongst teachers in the group was really helpful.  Liked that the “state of the state” was always the first part of the conversation – it is important that we keep a pulse on what is happening in the district. 

Suggestions for improvement – Provide clarity on purpose of the group, better communication back in schools about who is on the Supt. Teacher Advisory and what the topics of discussion are.    Diversify the group to get a wider perspective.  

Suggestions for topics for next year – Stronger focus on equity (perhaps a book study), school/district culture and climate, tie in family and community engagement.  Do more grade alike discussions to keep a focus on secondary and the upcoming ACP work.  Keep a focus on report cards and parent teacher conferences. 

Current Supt. Teacher Advisory members do not need to reapply for 16-17.  If current members wish to be on the group next year please email Leah Dabel at  Staff members who wish to be part of the Supt. Teacher Advisory next year for the first time should reapply in the Fall when the process is publicized in the MMSD Teacher Newsletter.


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