Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 9:30am

The Teacher advisory’s November meeting began to dig deeper into some of the major issues around our district. There were about 60 teachers in attendance from many different grade levels and schools. Be sure to check in with your school’s representative(s) for more information and to share your ideas.

As always, we began the meeting with “Voices From the Field” sharing “pluses and deltas” about how things are going around the district. A major delta  from around our schools were that many staff are seeing many students struggling with the results of the election. Instances of bullying and uncertainty has made it very difficult for school to feel like positive places of learn. Other deltas included uncertainty about Pathways, stress about workload, and concerns about conferences (when they happen within the calendar, lack of time with parents, and support issue when in a difficult situation with parents). Some of the “pluses” that many mentioned were came out of the group's major delta. Although the results of the election were hard on many, staff reported students coming together to strengthen relationships, and show affected populations support. Other pluses included positive community building, stronger relationships being built between parents and teachers, and all staff having deeper discussions about equity. 

As the meeting continued, we shifted into a larger discussion about Pathways. We learned that Pathways is meant to offer students a chance to explore their classes in a way that shows how they can help prepare them for real world experiences. We also learned that it is intended to engage students in an alternative way, especially those students who are struggling to make “traditional” school work for them. Many of the goals of Pathways are also reflected in our district's guiding principles- rigor, interconnectedness, relevance, and post-secondary planning. The meeting closed with an opportunity to collect noticings and wonderings about Pathways.

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