Monday, May 23, 2016 - 2:00pm

This training is designed to give participants an overview of each of the 5 components of Oasys with special emphasis on the MTSS component and how to navigate the Oasys system. The MTSS component is where staff enter a student’s intervention plan including progress monitoring, access SSIT forms and notes, and review a student’s historical profile (e.g., behavior incidents, academic and behavior interventions, archived forms, demographic profile, etc.). There are two sessions and they will take place at Country Inn and Suites on Thursday, June 16. The training is intended for SSIT members, MS/HS literacy and math interventionists/intervention teachers, data point person, and MTSS teacher/point person. Learn more and register. Note: This information was included in yesterday’s edition of MMSD Connect.

Questions? Caroline Racine Gilles, Director of MTSS,

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