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Madison Metropolitan School District

Summer Semester

MMSD Summer Programming

MMSD is committed to ensuring every student in our school community feels engaged, connected and supported.  One way we ensure that this happens is by making sure students have the knowledge and skills for academic achievement at the next grade level.  Summer Semester is a learning support for students who meet criteria and will use summer learning to stay on track for graduation to become college, career and community ready.  In addition to academic support, Summer semester will provide services including school meal programs and facilitate access to social, physical, and emotional health support. Our students continue to demonstrate a need for high quality instruction with strong support beyond the regular school year.  We look forward to our students continuing their learning with us during the summer. 

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2024 Summer Semester Dates

We are excited to share with you our 2024 Summer Sites and dates. We will continue to update the website as more information becomes available.

Level Dates No School Dates
Elementary/Middle School June 17, 2024 - July 26 2024 June 19, July 4, July 5
High School June 17, 2024 - July 25, 2024 June 19, July 4, July 5

4K-8th Grade Summer Enrollment

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Additional Resources

Extended School Year (ESY)
Stacie Will

Summer Recreation and Enrichment Center (SREC)
Molly Horton

Youth Resource Center (YRC)
BillieJo Heine

High School Summer Enrollment

  • MMSD counselors will enroll high school students into a summer program. 
  • Students and families will be notified of enrollment during the week of June 10.


Summer High School 2024 NEW First-Time Credit Opportunities

MMSD is excited to expand our first-time credit offerings this summer for rising 9th - 12th-grade students. Summer presents a unique opportunity to offer courses that students may want to explore and/or may not be possible during a traditional school semester. Benefits of summer first-time credit courses;

  • Leverage the outdoors 

  • Longer learning blocks

  • Utilize community sites and partnerships

  • Earning credits towards graduation

  • Free up schedule for other courses during the school year

The new courses (see below) that are worth .5 credits and are fun yet rigorous high school courses. Most courses are scheduled in the morning and during the six-week summer semester session (June 17 - July 25).

High School exploration


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Available April 10th - May 10th
Space is limited and a lottery will be used if enrollment exceeds capacity. The lottery is open from April 10th-May 10th.


New First-Time Credit Courses

Ecology Courses

This summer students will have the option of enrolling in .5 science credit delivered through community / experiential learning-based summer courses for first-time high school credit. There will be a blend of in-person class time, asynchronous coursework, and field experiences in the community. 

For more information contact: Leigh Vierstra,

Digital Photography

This is an introductory course for students of all levels who are interested in digital photography. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of photography, how to take better pictures, and use a digital camera both with and without manual controls effectively. This is a virtual course with a blend of synchronous & asynchronous coursework. 

For more information contact: Michael Rush,

Basic Art Metalworking

Students will learn the practices of metalsmithing, including layering, sawing, hammering, folding, and soldering to create 3D art from 2D designs. It also includes body adornment and wearable art, like rings. This is an in-person course and will be held at Torn Edge Arts Studio, 1639 Monroe St.

For more information contact: Sara E Rosewicz,

Mural and Community Art

With the construction at MMSD high schools, there are many opportunities to transform blank walls into murals. To beautify our learning spaces, we propose a summer Mural and Community Art course as an opportunity for students to collaborate and create public art that is a reflection of our school community. There will be a blend of in-person class time, asynchronous coursework, and experiences in the community. The course will be offered at a Westside Summer Site. 

For more information contact: Claire Roszkowski,

On This Land

On This Land provides different approaches to discovering the indigenous people of Wisconsin. In this course, students will be introduced to the First Nations people who call Wisconsin their home. During this 6-week summer course, students have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities as well as project-based learning to gather information about the history, culture, and art of Wisconsin’s Indigenous people.  This is an in-person course and will be held at Pinney Library or State Historical Society.

For more information contact:  Carrie Bohman,

Elizabeth Beckfield,