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Madison Metropolitan School District

Elementary Summer Semester

MMSD Summer Semester

Grades 4K-4


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Summer Semester Overview


  • June 20 - July 29, 2022 - M-F (no classes July 4)


We are planning a six-week in-person program for 4K - 4th grade

4K (Jump Start to Kindergarten)

Additional Information

Important Dates

  • We are currently planning for Summer Semester 2022! Please check back this Spring for more information.


Summer Semester Enrollment will open this Spring.

Food & Nutrition

When are meals served?

Breakfast is from 7:45am - 8:15am, Lunch 11:45 am - 12:15pm. Summer School and MSCR offer snacks for students enrolled in their programming. Visit the Food Services website for more details.

Where is lunch provided?

All summer school sites will provide meals.

If a student is not in the summer school program, are they still eligible for meals?

Yes. There are multiple sites that serve meals. For nearby sites, text “FOOD” to 877877 or call 211.

What is the cost?

All meals are free for all students.

What food is served?

Breakfast/Snack/Lunch menus are released around the week prior to the start of summer school. Menus can be found on the Food and Nutrition website.

What if a student has allergies or special dietary needs?

Please go to the Food Allergy & Special Dietary Needs website.

Can a student take any meals home?

Per USDA regulations, meals must be eaten on site.

The above frequently asked questions are based on the FAQs accessible on MMSD’s Food and Nutrition website.


Who do I talk to about my student’s health related questions?

Please contact Sally Zirbel-Donish at 608-663-8427 or for any questions or concerns related to your student’s health.

Jump Start to Kindergarten (4K)

Jump Start Home Page

When is the program?

Jump Start is the same time as K-7 Summer Semester and will run for 6 weeks, 8am - 12:15pm, June 21st - July 30th (No class on Monday, July 5th).

What is the program?

The program is a method for new students to develop important kindergarten skills through play and exploration.

What do students do in the program?

They have opportunities to work on early literacy and math by counting, solving puzzles, learning to write their name, and exploring through books.

How can a parent enroll their 4K student?

First, the student needs to be enrolled into the district. Once they are enrolled as a student in MMSD, they are able to enroll in this program via the online Summer Semester Enrollment Application from March 10th to April 27th.

Can the bus take students to a daycare before and/or after the program?

There are no direct stops at daycare sites. Parents can request the address of the daycare center, but the bus stop the MMSD transportation department assigns to the requested address can be up to 0.25 miles from away.

What if a parent wants to apply for early entrance to kindergarten?

All information regarding early entrance requests can be found here. If you have questions, contact the office of Early Learning at 663-5211.


More information will be made available this Spring.

What is the program?

There are two programs based on age:

  • YRC (Youth Recreation Center) 5th-8th

  • SREC (Summer Recreation and Enrichment Centers) 4K-4th

The program provides students with positive student engagement, recreation, enrichment, outdoor play and Summer Food program meals in an inclusive, enriching, and safe environment. Students that attend have lunch at the start of the program, and an afternoon snack. There are a variety of recreation and enrichment activities (outdoor and large group games, science, art, music and more).

When is the program?

12:15pm - 4:00pm, June 21st - July 30th (No programming July 5th).

What is the cost?

  • $115 - full fee per student

  • $57.50 - students who pay a reduced fee for lunch

  • $0 - students who receive free lunch or in the Transition Education Program (TEP)

Site Information

Summer Semester Site Lists will be available this Spring 2022


How can a student qualify for transportation on the yellow buses?

All of the following must be true:

  • Lives within MMSD attendance area

  • Student is in 4K-7th grade during the 2020-2021 school year

  • Residential address is greater than 1.5 miles from the summer school site

  • Lives within their summer school attendance area or within its feeder pattern

  • Is NOT enrolled into Math Bridge only

ESY students are provided transportation. Parents should speak with Bob Byington in the Transportation department.

When is transportation available?

Transportation is available before summer school (8am) and after MSCR (4pm). There is no midday transportation.

Where can I find the route information and stop times?

Bus stop information is sent to families in mid/late May. Buses do not pick up students at their requested address. Instead, the buses pick up/drop off students at designated community stops. These stops can be up to 0.25 miles away from requested pick up/drop off addresses.

How can I change the pickup/drop off address?

If the enrollment deadline has not passed, you can log into the enrollment application and update the addresses. If the enrollment deadline has passed, please call the Summer School Office at 608-663-1914 or email

Are there special transportation accommodations for students with IEPs or students in the TEP?

During the summer there are NO transportation accommodations for students with an IEP or who receive special busing throughout the regular academic school year. For transportation questions about TEP students, please contact TEP Transportation at 442-2897.

How will students know which bus they should take?

The buses are yellow badger buses. Every route will be assigned a color and name and will be posted on the bus window at all times. Ex: Pink Flamingo

How can a family make sure they have requested transportation?

Information will be sent to them in their confirmation letter once they enroll.