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Madison Metropolitan School District

Mask Update for Summer Semester

There will be a change to our current mask rules.

  1. Masks will no longer be required inside school but recommended.
  2. Some students will continue to wear a mask because they want to or they have to.

What This Means For Masks At School Inside & Outside

You will see friends without masks and friends with masks.  Both are okay!

Respecting Others

  • There is no need to ask someone why they are or aren’t wearing a mask.
  • It is NOT up to the other person to explain why they wear a mask or not.
  • People have many different reasons for wearing a mask or not.
Masked Lake View Student Drawing

MMSD will continue to have in place universal health practices such as frequent handwashing, cleaning, and staying home when ill.

Covid Health and Safety Guidance

There are many reasons for wearing or not wearing a mask

Examples may include health reasons, what they are most comfortable with, or because of what they decided with their families.

It is most important to show kindness and understanding no matter what!

ALL feelings are okay!

  • There can be BIG feelings around change.
  • People can feel worried, scared, excited, uncertain…
  • It can feel scary to change doing something you’ve been doing.
  • Adults can have BIG feelings with change too.
  • We are here to help with any feelings that you have.

Ways to keep ourselves and others healthy

  • Stay home when you are sick!
  • Wash hands often
  • Remember to use hand sanitizer when you go in and out of classrooms

If you have questions or concerns we are here to help!

Please reach out via Let's Talk (Health and Wellness topic) on the district's website.