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Using Lexia Core5 Reading at Home

Tips for Remote Learning

Lexia Core5 Reading is a fun, computer-based program that has helped millions of students improve their literacy skills. The activities in Core5 support and build on your child’s classroom curriculum and focus on developing reading skills in key areas.

How does my child log in?

Getting started is easy! Just follow these guidelines on a supported device:

  1. Get your device ready. Core5 works on computers and Chromebooks in a supported web browser, as well as on iPads and Android tablets. If you are using a tablet, download the free Core5 app from the App Store or Google Play.

  2. Locate your school’s instructions for logging in. These usually include where to log in (for example, via a school portal, via Clever, or via direct login to, your teacher’s email address, and your child’s username and password.

  3. Log in using the method described by your child’s school. If needed, complete the one-time device setup by entering their teacher email address.

For additional information about supported devices, visit the Lexia Help Center for Support for Families.

Please note that Lexia Customer Support is not able to provide student usernames or passwords, or teacher emails.

How can I support my child’s online learning?

Schedule time for learning.

Try to set a schedule that will help your child reach their personalized weekly goal.

When your child logs in or logs out, take a look at the Student Dashboard together. Talk about the progress your child is making toward their weekly time goal and the number of units they've completed. Keep

in mind that the target number of minutes is for the entire week, not per day!

Set up for success.

Provide a quiet space for learning, and check the volume before each session. (Headphones can be helpful but aren’t necessary.)

Support independent learning.

It's important to let your child work in Core5 without help from parents, siblings, or other caregivers. Core5 is designed to give support and instruction that helps students when they need it.

  • It may be helpful to explain the directions in your own words if your child is having trouble understanding how to do an activity.

  • Remind your child to work through an entire unit before moving on to another activity or leaving the program. The green bar at the bottom of the screen fills to show progress in each unit.

  • If your child needs additional help, encourage them to use the program tools located on the activity screen. The Core5 Buttons Guide explains each support feature.

  • When your child is ready to log out, select the X in the upper right corner of the activity, the selection screen, and the student dashboard. A confirmation message will be shown and logout is complete when the login screen displays. Logging out completely is important to accurately reflect the time your child spends on each activity.

Monitor progress and celebrate success!

Every time students log in, they are making progress toward their reading goals.

  • Progress and performance in Core5 is reported directly to teachers so they can provide additional help when needed. During periods of remote learning, teachers may share this information with you and make specific recommendations for you to support your reader.
  • Teachers may also let you know when your child earns an achievement certificate after completing a Core5 level.

What resources may be used to support literacy learning at home?

As your child works in Core5, their teacher receives progress and performance updates. Based on this information, teachers may share specific resources to support learning at home.

Lexia Skill Builders are worksheets for additional practice. Skill Builders are recommended after students complete a Core5 level. They can be printed or completed digitally.

Lexia Connections are games and activities that target key components of literacy. These activities can be a fun way to supplement and support your child’s work in Core5. You can view a list of suggested Lexia Connections with recommendations for each grade level.

What additional resources can families use to reinforce learning?

Lexia Read @ Home Newsletters offer hands-on activity ideas to promote literacy development at home. With options for all levels, these fun games and projects can be completed with items that you may already have at home.

Visit Lexia’s At-Home Resources Hub to directly access these instructional resources and more, or follow Lexia Learning on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to view tips and resources.