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Sustainable Schools InitiativeThe Madison Metropolitan School District understands the importance of sustainable practices, and is busy implementing new programs throughout the school system. Our Sustainable Schools Initiative is focused on constantly improving sustainable practices in all that we do from facilities and maintenance to what and how kids learn in the classroom. Look for our logo to identify our District’s sustainable practices. Check out stories that show the different ways this work is showing up in our schools and classrooms, and improving the way that we teach and learn.

boys on a dockThis coming fall, you will see our Sustainability Initiative in action as we kick-off a new, district-wide energy conservation program: People.Power.Planet. We will work with each school to raise awareness and foster energy-efficient behaviors among teachers, staff, students, and parents to achieve the District’s energy conservation goals. To find out how you can get involved at your school, please contact

MMSD is excited to support outdoor learning on our school grounds. Learn more about MMSD's outdoor learning by reading about our school gardens here. And, join the new GROW Coalition a collective of organizations, groups, parents, teachers and youth who promote outdoor learning in and around Madison. Contact to learn more.

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People.power.planet link

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