Thursday, April 14, 2016 - 9:45am

The teacher advisory board opened their meeting by talking about Parent Teacher conferences.  Next, Jen shared a little about the afternoon she had spent at the Overture Center seeing the Dalai Lama. She shared how the event opened with a film of students and staff from Lincoln practicing mindfulness strategies.

After this short introduction, the group shared their “plus and delta” ideas from their work settings.  The “delta” topics that emerged frequently centered on surpluses/staffing, conferences, behavior concerns, and conference timing.  The “plus” topics included positive parent events, reading events, student growth in learning goals, and discussions with students about behavior expectations & responsibilities.

The meeting closed with grade level groups providing feedback for parent/teacher conference documents that were given.  It was discovered that there is a wide range of formats for conferences throughout the District and grade levels.  Work will continue around this topic and materials will continue to be developed.

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