Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 12:30pm

The first meeting of the Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory occurred on Wednesday, Oct. 21. There were 40 district staff present. Introductions were made, participants discussed and shared what was going on in schools to date and the group agreed on norms. The theme for the Teacher Advisory meetings is “Teaching for Equity.” This group will be deepening their own understanding of what it means to teach for Equity, and they will be aligning reporting systems and Parent/Teacher conferences with the new MMSD Graduate Vision. Finally, the group will reflect on professional development needs of teachers.

Staff members at the meeting spent some time doing an activity called “Diversity Rounds” in which they each spoke about their upbringing and experiences with schooling. They discussed how these experiences shaped their teaching and inform their equity lens.

The Superintendent’s Advisory Group will meet once a month throughout the year. Monthly updates will be provided in MMSD Connect following each meeting.

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