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Madison Metropolitan School District

Help Procedures and Guidelines


  • The Staff HelpLine 608-663-5853 is the first line of contact for computer support for MMSD staff!
  • Another way for staff to get technical assistance is by submitting a Work Order.
  • If you need help, choose one of the following methods:
    1. if URGENT, call the HelpLine: 3-5853
    2. if NOT URGENT, submit a Work Order. This link is also available on your Novell Window, from the icon: Computer Work Order
  • Equipment you use belongs to the District. Do not install any software or hardware on your own. Submit a work order and have a Computer Technician do it.
  • If you get a message that your computer has a virus, call the HelpLine immediately.
  • Do NOT try to fix software or hardware problems or change any configurations on your own.
  • If your computer will not reboot, press and hold the Power button until the PC power light goes out. This can take 5-8 seconds.



  • Use of external (USB Hard Drives, USB Flash Drive, etc.) by students must be supervised by MMSD staff.
  • Do not attempt to bypass the District’s Internet filtering system. Report those that do to your principal.
  • Read and understand the Internet Use Policies for Students 
  • Read and understand the Internet Use Policies for Staff.
  • Report any violations to your principal.
  • Internet gaming websites are a common source of system-disabling spyware. Prior to use contact Mark Lea (Teaching and Learning) for information on a site’s educational suitability and how to integrate it into your instruction.


  • Computers or printers cannot be added to rooms unless network access and electrical power is available. Check with your building’s Microcomputer Technician if you have questions.
  • Do not move computers from rooms without consulting Technical Services. A Technician will move equipment and insure corresponding updates have been made to the District’s inventory.
  • All software purchases, regardless of the funding source, must be approved before purchase. Please review the Digital Resource Request for Approval process and email Nick Pinzke,, with any questions.


  • Do not routinely save to your C: drive since no data on local hard drives is backed up.
  • Always save to your J: drive or S: drives. This insures data will be backed up.
  • Our District computing network and all associated equipment is property of the Madison Metropolitan School District. No personal computing equipment or networking devices may be connected to this network.