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Madison Metropolitan School District

Saving Seesaw Activities Upon Separation from MMSD

Teachers Leaving the District

For Teachers: Update your email or share Activities between accounts

Change your email address on the account to a personal email address. To change an email address on the account, teachers should follow these steps.
The teacher can choose to continue to use the account above; however, if they already have another account set up, they may want to choose to transfer Activities from their Library from their old account to new account. To do so, the teacher should follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your old account in Chrome

    1. Head to your Library by tapping the green “+Add” button, and tapping “Assign Activity”

    2. Tap [...] on an Activity, and tap ‘Share’

    3. Tap 'Get Teacher Link', and tap 'Copy'​

  2. Log in to your new school account in Firefox or a Chrome Incognito browser

    1. Copy the Activity Link in your browser

    2. Tap 'Save'

    3. This Activity is now saved to your new Library

Please note that if the teacher’s new account is empty, it may be faster to delete the empty account to free up the personal email address for use; then, change the email address on the old account from a school email address to the new email address. Please note that this should be done after the original account has been removed from the school dashboard. 

If teachers have Community Status (Pioneer, Ambassador, Seesaw Certified Educator), they will also want to complete the following process:

Sign in to your Community Learning Hub account at, and follow these steps:

  1. Tap your name in the upper right-hand corner

  2. Tap "My Account"

  3. Edit the fields for "Email address" and "Email address you use with Seesaw" to match the new email address used for Seesaw 

This will ensure that all future correspondence and reminders about Community refresh training will go to their new email address. 

How Admins, Teachers, and Connected Family Members can download student portfolios

For Admins: How to handle old data - archiving vs. deleting

When class and student data is archived on a Seesaw for Schools dashboard, it is essentially moved into cold storage in order to keep your Seesaw for Schools data tidy. This archived data can be viewed by school admins, teachers, families, and students. 

While we typically recommend that student and class data is archived on your Seesaw for Schools dashboard to allow future access, in some cases you may want to delete student or class data from our system entirely. 

In this case, please write into Seesaw Support for the data to be deleted. Once we receive the request, including the specific students and/or classes that you would like deleted, there are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • If any students or classes have connected family members, we will notify the family member(s) by email and give them 7 days to download the student’s work before it is deleted from our system. This may cause a slight delay in account deletion.

  • Deleting student accounts and/or class journals is permanent and you will lose all associated student work.

  • It will take 60 days to permanently delete data from our system.

Admin Only: How to remove teachers from a school dashboard (without teachers losing Activities or Community status)

If there are teachers who are no longer part of your Seesaw for Schools subscription, you can take the following steps to ensure that the teachers cannot access school data. 

Following this process will ensure the teacher no longer has access to classes/student data on the dashboard, and that new students/classes created by this teacher will not be attached to the old school dashboard. This also ensures that teachers keep their Activity Library and Community status, if applicable.

Remove Teachers from your Seesaw for Schools dashboard

Admin should remove any teacher(s) from the dashboard that should no longer be on the subscription. To do so, the admin should follow these steps.

Once the teacher is removed from the dashboard, they will be disconnected from student and/or class data on the dashboard. The teacher’s account will be moved to free Seesaw.