Thursday, September 17, 2015 - 11:00am

This edition of Thinking Together marks the beginning of our third year as a regular column in MMSD Connect.  Over the last two years we have attempted to provide:

  • Documents that capture key ideas, strategies and practices from the Adaptive Schools trainings and literature.
  • Concise one-page offerings conducive to use in a team setting or as a reading for a group.

This summer we offered our 14th Foundational Training from July 27-30.  With the fifty or so participants from this summer we now have had over 800 people experience the professional development over the last six years. We also offered our second annual Sustaining Adaptive Schools one-day session on July 31st for around sixty “alumni” of the Foundational Trainings. 

At the conclusion of the Foundational Training we explored the following question with the participants: Of all the tools, concepts and strategies addressed in this four-day seminar, what would you prioritize as the most important learning for all MMSD staff at this time?

We have one Adaptive Schools Foundation Training scheduled for the coming year: Spring – March 9-10, and April 13-14 We also plan to offer a Sustaining Adaptive Schools one-day session this winter. Stay tuned!

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