Monday, May 9, 2016 - 2:30pm

Submitted by Liz Sorge, Social Worker, Thoreau Elementary

Through a collaboration with the UW Counseling and Rehab Psychology program, Principal Kathy Costello and our ESL staff, Thoreau School held its first 'Day in the Life of a Thoreau Student' event for our Arabic parents on April 26.

The event started with an authentic Arabic meal provided to all staff members, creating a meet and greet time with our parents and key community Muslim leaders. The parents were then given information on how public schools, specifically MMSD's Thoreau School, meet the needs of their students as well as day-to-day function.  A tour was provided with speakers including our ESL team, Nurse, Social Worker, Office Staff, Librarian, Behavior Team and Lunchroom/Bus coordinators. See the agenda for the day.

Many thanks to the Thoreau Arabic translator, Hassan Nafid, who was essential in creating and disseminating a parent survey and providing insightful direction to the Thoreau and UW team.


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