As you know, MMSD has announced that school will be happening virtually at least through first quarter (October 30). There is a possibility that we may continue virtual learning or shift to a hybrid model through second quarter.  In reviewing our staffing models for the fall, we know that while we are in virtual learning, not all of our department/school positions will be fully utilized until we are back in an in-person model.  

You also know that there is a pause on hiring any additional employees districtwide until we can get an exact understanding of the roles, responsibilities and tasks of every unit and position during virtual and hybrid instruction models. Schools and departments are being asked to conduct a thorough analysis of their staff and make adjustments to repurpose and leverage existing staff to fill vacancies/leave of absences, redistribute work and identify FTE that could be repurposed to support other schools as well as first quarter MSCR childcare. 

We have asked supervisors to recommend staff who would be a good fit to work in our child care model,  to support our students who need it, but to also protect the district from layoffs and/or employee furloughs in the fall to the greatest extent possible. 

The district has not moved into a layoff situation, but as you know, we need to prepare for every scenario.

 From now until the start of the school year and through October, the district will:

  • Review and assess vacant school-based and Central Office positions on a rolling basis to determine if there is a need to continue to hold on filling/backfilling positions. This may also include releasing holds that have been placed on certain vacant positions and allowing them to be filled at a later date.

  • Find ways to repurpose staff from positions that may not be needed in virtual learning to positions that are needed, such as MSCR childcare, to support our students and support our staff remaining in paid status.

  • Keep all options on the table, including furlough and layoff while doing our best to keep reductions away from the classroom.

Please know that we will continue to share information and share updates as they become available.