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Thank you for your support

Thank you for your support Thank you for your support of our school district referendum. The referendum passed with a 74% majority vote. We are encouraged and bolstered by our community's support of our public schools and eager to make more progress on behalf of the students and families of Madison.

Madison Public Schools are on the move

Momentum: Our district is on the move.  Gap-narrowing: We are making gap-narrowing progress. Not by accident: Where we concentrate our efforts, we are seeing results.
Early reading is on the rise. Through targeted early literacy efforts at our highest need schools, we are improving literacy rates among our students. We have seen 5% growth in the last two years in the number of children reading by third grade. High school graduation numbers are improving as well. We are putting better systems in place to keep students on track to graduate, starting at grade nine. We have seen a 2% increase in graduation rates across the district in the last two years.

We are on a mission to close the gaps in opportunity that lead to disparities in achievement, and to ensure every child is academically challenged in a safe and supportive environment.

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The next biennial state budget will continue a six-year pattern of underfunding K-12 education

Responsible Budgeting

As we work to keep this momentum going, we’re facing disruptive cuts from the state, which continues to approve budgets that are not supportive of public education. If trends continue the next biennial state budget will continue a six-year pattern of underfunding K-12.

We believe we have a responsible approach to budget development, repurposing funding to focus on priorities, finding efficiencies and staying focused on teaching and learning. But even with this smart approach, over time, state cuts will take a dangerous toll on our community’s public schools.
Learn more about responsible budgeting in a tough environment and our priority actions.

Without a referendum, the board would face reductions that are deep and disruptive – nearly $12 million in cuts for the 2017-18 school year alone, followed by similar cuts in future years. Could mean a reduction of another 75 Full Time Employees (FTEs).The Backstory - Referendum Details

A district's revenue limit is the maximum amount of revenue that may be raised through state general aid and property tax.

The state has put us in a situation where we cannot fund operations on a going-forward basis under the limits it has set. School districts can exceed the limits by asking voters to approve an increase in a referendum.

The November referendum would permanently raise the school district’s revenue limit authority by $26 million over 4 years. The increase would be phased in over four years.

The referendum would raise the district’s revenue limit authority by: 

5 million in 2016-17, 5 million in 2017-18, 8 million in 2018-19, 8 million in 2019-20

The specific annual amounts are designed to support operational needs while maintaining an affordable tax levy.

Cutting staff members would result in larger class sizes

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