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Madison Metropolitan School District

2021 Summer Semester Employment Opportunities

Planning for Summer Semester 2021 is well under way and we are excited to share some new changes with you!

We will need great staff at all levels, and in all positions, to make this summer a success for our students. Thank you for considering applying for a position. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Madison Metropolitan School District is still proceeding to staff summer semester with the intent that we will be able to hold classes both virtually and face-to-face.  However, there is a possibility that we may not be able to hold classes or may have to consider providing instruction in a different manner. We will keep you informed.

General Information

New for 2021: There is one interest form for all positions, updated job descriptions for Instructional coaches and teachers, and the rate of pay for MMSD certified staff is $40/hour.  

Job descriptions for all summer school positions are listed below:

Classified Positions

Certified Positions

Summer Semester is a six week session from June 21 – July 30, 2021

  • Elementary and Middle School: Teacher time: 7:45 - 12:45 (5 hours, M-F) 
  • High School (f2f):  Teacher time: 8:00 - 2:15 (6.25 hours, M-R)
  • Secretary Hours: 7:30-2:00 for 30 hpw
    • Note: Clerical should plan on work 20 hpw the week of June 14 to support family, staff and principal preparation for summer programming

Summer School Sites


  • Elvehjem: Elvehjem (LETRS Lab)
  • Lowell: (Feeder sites: Emerson, Lapham, Lowell, Marquette)
  • Schenk (Feeder sites: Schenk, Henderson, Kennedy, Nuestro Mundo
  • Gompers: Gompers (LETRS Lab)
  • Hawthorne (Feeder sites: Hawthorne, Sandburg, Allis)
  • Mendota (Feeder sites: LakeView, Mendota, Lindbergh)
  • Black Hawk: (MS feeders: Black Hawk, Sherman- 5th Graders: Emerson, Gompers, Hawthorne, Lake View, Lowell, Lindbergh, Mendota, Marquette, Sandburg)
  • Whitehorse: (MS Feeders: Sennett, O’Keeffe, Whitehorse, Badger Rock- 5th graders: Allis, Elvehjem, Henderson, Kennedy, Nuestro Mundo, Schenk)
  • Eastside (virtual): East and La Follette
  • Eastside (f2f): East and La Follette


  • Chavez (Feeder sites: Anana, Chavez)
  • Leopold (Feeder sites: Leopold)
  • Lincoln (Feeder sites: Lincoln, Midvale, Van Hise)
  • Olson (Feeder sites: Olson, Crestwood, Stephens, Muir)
  • Shorewood (Feeder sites: Shorewood, Thoreau, Randall, Franklin)
  • ORE (Feeder sites: Huegel, ORE)
  • Toki (MS Feeders: Toki, Jefferson, Spring Harbor- 5th Graders: Anana, Chavez, Crestwood, Huegel, Muir, Olson, Stephens,  Leopold, Lincoln, ORE
  • Wright (MS Feeders:  Wright, Hamilton, Cherokee- 5th Graders: Thoreau, Randall, Van Hise, Shorewood, Wright lottery students
  • Westside (virtual): Memorial & West High 
  • Westside (f2f): Memorial & West High 
  • Capital (virtual): Capital High


Elementary and Middle

  • $40/hour for internal teachers
  • $30/hour for external teachers
  • Based on 5 hours per day (Instruction and planning time) for a total of 25 hours per week.

High School

  • $40/hour for internal teachers and substitute teachers
  • $30 /hour for external teachers
  • Based on a 6.25 hours per day (instruction and planning time) for a total of 25 hours per week (Monday-Thursday).

Questions? E-mail or call Sarita Foster at 608-663-1796.