Children need nutritious food in order to be healthy, active and productive. If there is any possibility that you qualify for free or reduced-price meals, please fill out the form. It’s easy and confidential. You can also call the Food and Nutrition Department at at 608- 204-4001. 

It’s fast, easy and confidential. Here are two ways to apply:

  1. Our Food & Nutrition Department can do it for you over the phone in under 5 minutes. Just call 608-204-4001 between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Yes, ¡Se habla español!
  2. Or, you can apply online at

If you have more than one child eating school meals, make sure all their names and schools are on your one application.

Will I save money?

You could save $700 per child this school year, so if you think you may qualify, apply today to allow a few days for the application to be processed. Not only that, but establishing eligibility for free or reduced-price meals may also help your student secure other fee waivers, too.

What will I be asked on the application?

  1. The name of your student and others in your household
  2. Your household income
  3. Your Food Share number, if you have one

Will I need to give a social security number?

No. The school district does not collect students’ social security numbers. If you choose to, you will have an opportunity to provide the last 4 digits of your social security number, but you are not required to provide it, and it is confidential. Your application will be treated the same whether or not you provide it.

Will my family’s information be shared with anyone?

No. Your application to receive free or reduced-price meals for your student is confidential. Please be assured that under no circumstance would we ask about immigration status or ask a question that may lead families to self-disclose their status.
Communication with federal agencies or officials about a student’s or family’s confidential information, including actual or perceived immigration or citizenship status, is strictly prohibited.

What if my family doesn't qualify?

No worries. If you apply for free or reduced-price meals and no longer qualify because of a change in family size, income, or any other reason, that’s OK. Your child will continue to eat school meals. You’ll just be billed for them at full cost.

What if I miss the deadline?

If you don’t apply in time, you will be billed at full cost for the meals your child eats at school. You can still apply, but you’ll have to pay for any meals your child purchases  before your application is approved.


Please call Food & Nutrition at 608- 204-4001.